The Fight


healthy individuals, healthy families, healthy society

Join the Fight!

We are in the initial organizational stage and in the process of recruiting leaders.
Our focus is local, Brantley County, GA!
Expect more from us, a lot more... very soon!

Here is where we begin

"Fester" means to become infected, to decay and to become worse, especially through neglect or indifference. 


We define "the fester" as anything that brings harm to individual lives, relationships or society.  "The fester" is never people, though people can fall victim to it's infectious nature.  Detrimental choices, habits and practices provide an ideal breeding ground for the fester.

The Fester

a reality of life

The Fester's presence is a reality of life.  Things that are harmful to individuals, families and societies will be ever present. We are more suceptible to 'infection' if we have been wounded physically, emotionally or spiritually.   The fester must be confronted - it grows worse with neglect and indifference.

Our purpose is to actively combat those ills that bring harm to individuals, families and our society.  We encourage others to join the fight!  First in their own life and family, then in their community.

Our goal is to confront the fester in whatever place and whatever form it may arise.  What a daunting task!  We'll need an army.


Since we've only just begun, we have decided to start by supporting our young people in the local school system.  A good education not only reduces the chances of personal decay, it also helps empower the next generation to be healthy and productive contributors to society.